In addition to landscape install, irrigation, paver work  and construction jobs, we also offer regular landscape and gardening  maintenance services. Including, but not limited to, spring & fall clean ups, thatching and aerating, fertilizing & regular weekly or bi-weekly (or monthly) weeding and/or mowing, edging and general lawn and garden care. We also offer pruning and trimming services (and tree removal too), barking, mulching and top soil delivery and upkeep. 

We are always happy t o give free estimates on anything you may be interested in having maintained.  

(Below) We offer regular maintenance & garden upkeep services 

(Above & below photos, from two separate job sites ) We also do irrigation installs, and we can put in sod for instantly green landscaped yard   

(Below)  Spring and fall clean up (2014-current customer) 

Complete install job (Tumalo, Oregon 2016). Irrigation, sod, gravel, grasses, plants and bark  (above picture & below photos) 

(Below) Tree planting (as well as irrigation install, drip systems, & on this job gravel, grading, planting & more) 2016