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(below) Paver patio (2017) 

(below) Custom paver patio with natural gas fire pit (2017)  

Before (above) and after (below) pictures of flag stone walkway (2014) 

(below picrures) Paver patio 2015

(Below) Paver patio and fire pit 

(Above & below pictures) Paver patio and fire pit  (2015)

(Below) Paver walkway from back yard to the driveway (2015)

(above & below) Paver walkway 2014 

(Below) Garden pathway (2009) 

(Below photos) Paver patio and propane gas fire pit install (2014) 

(Below) Patio and fire pit  (2014) 

Flagstone pathway, drip irrigation system, drain swells, barking,, plants & grasses  2016 Tumalo Oregon(below)

(Below) Thyme planted between flagstone patio (2016) 

(Below) Brick pathway was created with extra scrap pieces of brick and pavers left over from another job at the request of the homeowner 2016